Civil and Commercial Lawyers

Bassi & Partners

We provide legal assistance to individuals and businesses operating in any sector and product category.

With extensive experience in the field of advocacy and ongoing work with major national and international firms, the team is available to offer a broad spectrum services throughout Italy and abroad, from enterprise management to support from law enforcement to contract law.

Legal assistance to companies

Solicitors provide assistance in civil and commercial law: we follow every business transaction with professionalism, assisting clients throughout all business transformations, from separation to reorganization, from joint ventures to contractual contracts, providing guidance and advice about each operation.

Protecting trademarks and copyright

We also help in national and international law for everything related to integrated logistics: a strong point of our team of lawyers is the ability to intervene quickly with regard to litigation, for which we provide assistance in both judicial and extrajudicial. All necessary registrations of trademarks, logos and patents are made.

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