Transportation Rights of Way

Bassi & Partners

The Legal and Subsidiary Law Firm also deals with all legal norms pertaining to the general scope of transportation, including all non-codified but dictated practices, standard forms and clauses that determine the daily relationship between the parties.

Knowledge of national, community and international sources is essential to ensure compliance with the laws in force for customers at the global level: the consolidated experience in the field of land, sea and air transportation permits us to carry out consultations targeted for each transportation event.

diritto dei trasporti

Consultancy for shipowners and carriers

We carry out consulting activities for shipowners, vectors and every subject involved in the complete logistics chain with regard to any single or multi-modal business.

We provide national and international assistance in the field of integrated logistics, working promptly and professionally in delicate cases of land, sea and air claims in both judicial and extrajudicial cases.

Legal assistance is provided in litigation for:

  • transport rental
  • passenger transportation
  • shipment and delivery of goods
  • port activity management

and much more.

Lastly, we collate and update national and international transportation contracts. To receive more information or to ask for transportation law advice, please feel free to contact our Bologna office.

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