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Rights of navigation
Transportation Law 
Customs Law
Industrial Law

We work in Italy and abroad, collaborating with affiliated companies with established professionalism and experience. We offer legal assistance and advice on various subjects.

We offer our legal advice to companies operating in every business sector and merchandise field.

We help companies step-by-step in managing their business, not just for normal administration, but also for providing training and legal assistance.

In particular we offer our expertise in the field of road haulage and trade associations, and in the preparation of contracts with different economic goals.

We help public and private businesses with legal assistance in various matters of civil and commercial law.

Our lawyers offer their expertise in various subjects ranging from civil law to commercial, from industrial to navigation.

Our firm specializes in the fields of international trade, customs, shipping, transportation and logistics (land, sea, rail, multimodal, shipping, logistics), insurance law, commercial and corporate law.

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