Bassi & Partners Legal Practice

Our Legal and Associate Legal firm is located in Ravenna and operates throughout Italy and abroad working with several affiliated  established, professional, legal firms. 

We operate mainly in the field of legal assistance in civil and commercial law, with particular reference to international trade, customs, navigation and transportation, providing services to various public and private entities.

Assistance in international law

The subjects of specific intervention are essentially:

  • rights of navigation;
  • transportation law;
  • customs duties;
  • insurance law;
  • international trade law;
  • civil, commercial, and corporate law.

Lawyers for business consultants

Solicitors at our studio are available to provide a complete consultation service to individuals and businesses (operating in every sector), which will be followed step by step in managing both normal administration and litigation. The practice also carries out practical and contractual arrangements of every type.

To request advice or to receive legal assistance you can contact Bassi Arpinati Gramantieri Novelli using the details on the Contacts page. We are available and flexible to meet our customers' needs.

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